Friday, November 10, 2017


Mamoru will be away to Kuala Kangsar this weekend. Nak ikut tapi I cant afford to miss my long run session tomorrow morning with coach Edan & SAC team.

Really need this run as a simulation for my race day - which is another 29 days 😨😨😨

And oh, Ive registered myself as volunteers for Melaka Ultramarathon. Nak join tak boleh coz Mamoru will be away for his marathon kat Penang. Clashed. 

Unfortunately, no news from the organizer yet. So, donno whether Im accepted - ye, siapalah saya 😋😋

But tak kisah coz Im still going to voluntarily set up my own table with drinks & food/fruits rations for my fellow Matra ultra-runners! Siap jadi camerawoman lagi tau. Plan to do this maybe around Pengkalah Balak beach area.. hihi.

Rindu kat dia ni.


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