Saturday, November 11, 2017


What a wonderful morning to start the weekend!

I really dont mind waking up early in the morning just to spend time with these awesome people!

Satisfied with my achievement this morning. Wish I could do do another set of this long run before Klang marathon. But coach not allowed. My race day da dekat sangat.

Lesson learnt. Next time kena make sure tempoh training cukup sebelum register another marathon.

Thank you coach edan, Jolene & SAC team for the water station, Lucozade, melon, power gels, banana, grapes & coconut jelly (specially brought by Vanidah 😍. She call me "Outdoorfteak" - she didnt know my name. Comel sangat).

With coach Edan. Sangat down to earth & humble. Sangat tak lokek ilmu

With the team ❤️

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