Thursday, November 09, 2017


Legs still stiff from last night fartlek session.  But I really need to do my easy run for tonight.

Looking back at all marathons Ive done this year, most of it I wasnt train hard enough and.. a few I did without any training at all.

Its funny when I dare to dreams of breaking my PB even with so little training back then.

And now its even funnier when, I felt so nervous that I wont be created any new personal best after spending 2 months of consistent training.



Wasnt training supposed to make me feel ready or something?



My first marathon this year. My first sub-5.

My fourth marathon this year at Bali

My second marathon this year. 

My fifth marathon this year 

My third marathon this year. 

Gambar tak tersusun 😁😁😁

Most of all marathon this year timing between 4:21 to 4:38

Klang will be my sixth and last marathon for this year. What would it be? Can I break my PB. Or can I break my first ever sub-4?


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