Saturday, December 22, 2018

Explore Chiang Mai

While waiting for the rest of SAC team to arrive, Vivien & me went to visit few places in old city Chiang Mai. Both of us jalan kaki je explore tempat ni. Semua tempat just walking distance.

The first place that we visited was Watt Chediluang. But along the way ke sana ada banyak (terlalu banyak) watt (temple). Semua cantik2 dan penuh ukiran2 menarik.

Then we went to Warorot market (similar to Pasar Siti Khadijah in Kelantan but wayyyy bigger and full of so many things to see and buy!!)

Actually on our way there, we sesat a bit coz the gps went haywire and thats when we found the Chiang Mai marathon race village. But we managed to find the market after asking direction from local people.

Tapi tak sempat nak explore Warorot market sebab by time we found the place, the SAC team already touched down. So we rushed back to the hotel to meet them for our tour trip together with the team.

Total mileage we done by walking around Chiang Mai in one day is more than 16km! Walking ok 😂😂

Honestly I dont know most of the watt's names coz the wording in here all in Thai language. No translation at all tau. Only those popular watt je ada translate 

We inside the joyride (its look like truck or van modified to take passenger

At the race village

Another pretty watt

Patung monk

The most popular watt chediluang. Very old historic place. Half dah damage due to earthquake

Warorot market. Tak sempat nak amik gambar coz kena patah balik hotel.

At the Tha Pae gate. Historical wall. Banyak burung kat sini

Friday flea market

Im going to run Chiang Mai.. 10km only hihi.

Another old watt. Made from wood. Cantik.

Too many watt already

Entrance watt chediluang. 

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