Saturday, December 08, 2018

Out of my comfort zone

Omaigod, I did my longest run this morning! 2 hours of running! 18.6km in the bag.. kachinggg 💰

Thats the longest hour and distance I ran for the past 5 months! Im a happy girl. Hepi sangat.

At first I was a bit scared after reached 16km. Pace pun increased.  Scared if my knee wasnt ready. Scared if this run could turn out bad and ruin everything I built for the past 4 months. 

And suprisingly, I survived! Legs felt great. Cuma penat sikit sebab I never run this long for quite a while. Take times to get use to it. Berterabur juga lah pace for last 7km. But its not that bad. Besides, its not like Im training myself for half marathon pun. My only goal is 10km. So, ada excuse kat situ.. hihi.

But one thing for sure, I know I can make a comeback for half marathon race someday! Cuma need a little more time, insyaAllah.

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