Saturday, December 22, 2018

Im in Chiang Mai!

Safely arrived here yesterday at 8.20 am in the morning with Vivien. The rest of the team arrived a bit late at 3.30pm. we took different flight here. Our flight was the earliest.. hihi😊. Saja nak jalan2 awal.. hihi.

Airport Chiang Mai simple je. Imiresen dan kastam pun tak banyak karenah. Takde cek2 beg pun.. hihi.

The tour guide, Kit was a very wonderful woman and helpful too. She helped me purchased the local telco card and installed it in my phone. We bought it at 7E store - cheaper 😊

And lucky for us, we can check in as early as 11 am! Freshened up before our little exploration in old city Chiang Mai while waiting for the rest of our team member to arrive.

Vivien, me and Kit (our wonderful tourist guide)

In our room

Very comfy and clean

We're roommate again!


Sea of clouds

In front of our hotel

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