Thursday, July 26, 2018

Last night hilly session

Drive all the way from work to Ruang.. and sesat a bit. Thats normal actually. I always sesat everytime I went for SAC's training session. Like everytime. Blame it to the gps map. Lalu bawah flyover pun boleh 'connection lost'..ntahapehape.

Always arrived ngam2 just in time to change my running attire (in the car) and sempat join the team for warm up.

But I dont mind all the hassles. As long as I could get the training done. And meeting my girlfriends after that ❤️


Gotta be ready and masuk ofis awal arini. Meeting is at 8.15am. Hectic day today.

But its okay as Im on halfday. Mamoru will fetch me at noon for our short gateway to Cameron Highland (for the fourth time in this year!) 💋❤️

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