Thursday, August 30, 2018

Breaking the news

"I didnt say you cannot run. You still can. Keep it below 4km. Maybe 3km everyday. You may increases the distance gradually after a month provided there is no pain. And keep it below 10km. But it is advisable that you stop running full marathon. I prescribed glucosamine for 2 months. Take 3 capsules once everyday. I'll see you again after 2 months."

It was so hard to pull myself together while accepting the news.

And once  I stepped out the door, I broke down in tears. I dont care if everyone is looking at me. I need to cry.  Need to let go of this frustration.


Asyiqin Roslee said...

get well soon sis

DonnaSha said...

Semuga cepat sembuh.. semuga Allah permudahkan urusan Ad sekeluarga.

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