Friday, August 31, 2018

Day 2

My second day taking Glucosamine. Its just a supplement. Not some sort of medication that will cure my left knee problem.

I wanted to get a second opinion - seeing another specialist - do another test or something.

But.. IF the result were still the same, I need to come out with back up plan. I need to do something.

Im not gonna cry anymore. Im done crying yesterday. And most, important, Im not gonna give up.


One of the motivating site ive read so far. 

I hate pills. Id rather tahan demam berhari2 demi tanak amik panadol. But for once, Im gonna be a good girl and telan this one everyday.. just becoz, I love running so much. 

My text to Mamoru semalam. 

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Asyiqin Roslee said...

Get well soon sis..Not long ago, Ekin pun ada sakit lutut and terpaksa stop diri dari buat kerja2 berat or berlari.. and now its getting better.. hope you will get better soon

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