Monday, January 21, 2019

Twincity Marathon 2019

Id say this year is going to be epic!

I got 9th placing under women senior (age category 35 and above). It was a very competitive run. I ran with elites -ome serious fast marathoner / ultra marathoner! ButIdidnt let my fear control me. Im not competing with them. 

Sampai awal kat starting point. Thanks to Mamoru for drove me there. Sempat warm up 2km sebelum flag off. 

I already memorized the route (thanks to Mamoru again sebab bawa recce route a day earlier. So that I would know what to expect during my run. 

I was hilly route - And I like it.

Felt reallyyy great during the 12km run. Managed to finish as per targeted time 1:10 - official time. Finished so strong. And I was literally dancing towards finishing - yep, that happy.

Im sooo looking forward for next race! Lets create more PB

A good start for this year.

Look at their timing.. very competitve!

With my suppoter

Suka betul Aleesya dengan semua maskot kat sini

With SAC team

Aleesya pi tinjau costume abang sojar sampai centu sekali


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